Shift reaches next level.

Team Shift has taken another step in her oh-so young clan-history. The new team, that hasn't driven one match yet, comes on a new total of 9 drivers and 2 trials. Many people haven't heard of us (yet), but when we announce the next new players, I bet you'll know us real soon!

Jonathan 'Nemesis' Smith is the driver who is known in England, in Scotland, in Wales, in Northern Ireland. Everywhere in the UK, but also in the world. This British National Champion won the ESWC UK Qualifiers and will fly all over to another continent to represent our team with the best players in the whole world, the ESWC. No more to explain about his qualities.

Max 'Vulcan' Corso is our newest trial! This American and known driver drives for Team USA in the NC Cups and has driven for known teams such as aXn. This driver is famous in his own country, but that is not of importance. This driver deserved a trial based on his qualities he has shown us. Will he survive? We think so.

Luc 'Timebug' Scholtes is our 2nd trial. This driver was hiding in German servers! Since he drove on our server, we knew we had to give him a chance in our team. This driver is known in the Netherlands by his great skills in long tracks. He has only driven for a Dutch clan called Aim`, this is his first chance to prove he's worth a strong international clan!

Tomᚠ'Tomaso' Krafek is another strong new driver! And what a dud`. He is known in all Czech Republic and some international clans have been looking him to by his very good results in FGL Tournaments against players as n!faculty|Frostbeule and Begrip.Rewind. He'll come after the ESL 2nd League ended, because he wanted to help his old clan <'MG'>.

Well, we are almost complete, there is still one spot open. Are you that guy?

Grtz Shifts

Shift adds Israelian duo.

Team Shift is building up further and further, with today, adding 2 Israelian celebraties to the clan. One, captain of the Israelian National Team, and the other one, Israelian Champion. This would mean we have the 3 best Israelian players in our team. Who are they?

Mor 'Dest' Marcus is the captain of the Isrealian National Team and played for CGT Gaming, which was one of the best European clans. From now on he will drive with the orange/white of Team Shift. This driver won several Isrealian national championships and is considered in his own country as the best Israeli driver.

Gal ''Galox' Reif is the second driver that joins our racing team. This driver is the current Israeli National Champion that he won on an Israeli LAN-Party. This driver drove against and with strong teams, with as the latest team Energie 5. Galox will join the squad the 30th of June. With these drivers we come on a total of 7 drivers. Here is a quick review:

shift. Remco 'nub' Overweg
shift. Robert 'Tamarillo' Crone
shift. Willi 'ICE' Bauer
shift. Vegard 'Bml' Melbø
shift. Gal 'Sqetox' Lazarovitch
shift. Mor 'Dest' Marcus
shift. Gal 'Galox' Reif

We're looking forward to race against your tmnf-team soon

Grtz Shifts

Shift presents new drivers

Team Shift has two new drivers in their squad. The Norwegian Bml and Israeli Sqetox will both try to win races with our squad. After we had 3 other strong drivers, we couldn't stop there! We just needed some fresh blood. So, who are they? Get the chance to know them better now.

Vegard 'Bml' Melbø is the newest driver that joined the squad. This Norwegian 'dud' played for the very strong Intense, but when that team fell apart and split up Bml was one of the quickest drivers out there without a clan. For us a chance to talk to him, and luckily, this dud signed for our team.

Gal 'Sqetox' Lazarovitch is driver of the Israeli National Team that, once again, will compete in this years NC4. Sqetox was playing for Energie 5, that competes in the ESL Second League. Sqetox is a strong driver, and will try to prove he is one of the best players out there.

Team Shift has some fresh new blood in the team, but we know that 5 people in the team is not going to be enough. We have to get stronger!

Grtz Shifts

Shift makes a restart!

Shift is going to make a massive restart. 1 year ago we quited Trackmania Nations cause some of the players didn't had the time to practice. So we all decided it was best to give it a break and come back to race another day. That day is finally here! At the moment we are searching for skilled and

consistent drivers who are all active in the Trackmania Nations Forever scene. We will yet again train for tournaments like the famous STC, Piston Lap, TNA and GC - with ofcourse, many others yet to come. The Current line-up is:

shift. Remco "nub" Overweg
shift. Robert "Tamarillo" Crone
shift. Willi "ICE" Bauer

We hope to meet you in the future.

Grtz Shifts

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